1. U-Turn

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Written and composed by Tobin Harris. I started writing this in 2004, but didn't finish it until 2008. I got this song down in March 2009, with the help of Chris Young, a budding Leeds based engineer/producer. We recorded this song at his own home studio, it was lots of fun!

2. In For The Kill - La Roux - Cover

An acoustic cover of In For The Kill, by La Roux. Thought this one would be fun to try!


3. Amazing - Tobin Harris

An acoustic song written in 2008/2009, and firmed up with the help of Lee, Shane, Jess and Ben!


The Studio

I'm learning to record songs myself at home, but it's not easy! Here's some pictures of my first home studio. I use Rode NTK, Sure SM58, Sure SM57, Saffire Pro IO/26, Joe Meek VC3Q, Logic Express 8, Freshman Acoustic Guitar and a Washburn Electric Guitar. Still got a lot of learning to do.