Nov 03, 2007 / .net ~ nhiberntae,ajax,software
NHibernate or Ajax fans at TechEd Barcelona?

Tomorrow (Sunday 3rd November) I'm off to Barcelona to soak up TechEd for a week. I can't wait, this is my first one and it's a tad exciting :)

NHibernate Fans?

Are any NHibernate or Castle users are going to be there?

I currently have the pleasure of working on Henry Kuates NHibernate in Action book, so it would be great to hook up with some folk for a chat about all things NHibnerate. Drop me a comment or email ( if anyone is interested (or see if I'm at the Gaia stand).

I'd also be interested to learn of any particular sessions you think are a must see.

Gaia Ajax

If anyone wants to come and say "Hi", then I'll also be spending a bit of time at the Gaia Ajax Widgets stand with the good folk from Frost Innovation - Thomas Hansen, Stian Solbert and Jan Blomquist. I've been working with the Gaia team for a few months now on their fabulous Ajax toolkit. I also have them to thank greatly for letting me tag along to TechEd!

Look forward to seeing some folks there!

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