May 06, 2007 / .net ~ sba
Space Based Architecture - One to Watch

This Space Based Architecture (SBA) stuff looks interesting, definately one for me to watch and learn more about.

From what I can tell, it's a distributed storage space for just about any data you want to share. It has an incredibly simple API - get, put, delete & notify. Well Brogden says...

Space style distributed computing is characterized by loosely coupled systems, which are coordinated through a single service acting as a shared associative memory for data containing objects.

I've recently discovered Udi Dahan's blog, where he discusses SBA and .NET. I also need to get my head around what fuzzy is saying about it.

I've often read about using "blackboard" systems to allow decoupled agents to perform computational tasks on a set of data to solve a problem, and I wander if there is much overlap between this approach and the SBA approach. From what I have read, "SBA" solutions can be plugged in to act as a distributed, location transparent "Blackboard" component. Nice!

I haven't found an Open Source .NET SBA toolkit yet, which is a shame. On the commercial side of the line, a few are listed here.

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