Oct 20, 2008 / .net ~ linq
IQueryable is a FATTY!

I probably missed the point here, but IQueryable seems to be rather bloated!?

Couldn't it be more fine grained ilke this?

public interface IQueryable<T> 
                          : IPagable<T>, 
                            ISetOperable<T> ...

public interface IPagable<T>
    IPageable<T> Skip( long records );
    IPageable<T> Take( long records );

public interface IListable<T>
    IList<T> ToList();

// ...

This way our applications could depend on subsets of the IQueryable methods. And yeah, I realise that the above won't actually work, but you get the idea :)

Is something like this possible already, or am I just being dim!?

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