Feb 18, 2008 / software ~ books
Books, Lovely Geek Books...

Today I finally picked up some books I'd stored away for a while. It's sooooo nice to get them back again :)

Now I just need to find the time to read them all again (and again, and again).

And, in case you hadn't guessed, this was mostly the Object Oriented box (I have a few more boxes)...

  • Object Oriented Software Construction, Bertrand Meyer
  • Analysis Patterns, Martin Fowler
  • Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Booch
  • Refactoring, Marting Fowler
  • Designing Object Oriented Software, Wirfs-Brock et al
  • Software Survival Guide, Steve McConell
  • Extreme Programming Explained, Wake
  • Lucene in Action
  • Design Patterns, Gamma et al
  • Working Effectively with Legacy Code
  • Practical Issues in Database Management
  • Data Access Patterns
  • Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, Fowler
  • Test Driven Development, Beck
  • Domain Driven Design, Evans
  • Statisticts - an introduction using R, Crawley

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