Apr 27, 2008 / software

Grrr. I currently have a client who wants to set up a web site for their single software product, with the following features:

  • high quality blogging engine
  • high quality forum engine
  • a few pages of content, and some basic CMS functionality for that.
  • really easy to skin (this site is super-simple in look and feel so I don't want to jump through hoops)

What's really annoying is that I can't find any easy, out-of-the-box solutions for this. It should be simple - Blog + Forums + Light Content. ASP.NET is my preferred platform for this project btw :)

Community Server looks great, but it's too expensive for this project.

Drupal looks great too (the current favourite, in fact), but it's PHP and I'd rather stick to .NET.

DotNetNuke seems a bit "heavy" for this project, although I could probably find good plugins in the marketplace.

I'm now considering a mash up, and giving them the following:

http://www.someproduct.com - Simple HTML files

http://forums.someproduct.com - using RoR Beast, or Yet Another Forum .NET etc

http://blog.someproduct.com - using Graffiti or similar.

Thoughts anyone?

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