Apr 03, 2008 / software ~ mvc ~ mono ~ osx

Thanks to this guy I've been able to get ASP.NET MVC CTP2 running on OSX and Mono. I've been looking forward to playing with ASP.NET MVC, and I'm pretty excited to be able to get it working on Mono.

UPDATE: That link hasn't been working for a while, but this may help.

I can't recall the exact steps to get it working, but it was something like this. I haven't tried these steps, it's just a hint

  • Set up a ASP.NET MVC project structure (with Views, Controllers etc)
  • Add a Lib folder in your web site root too
  • Copy the ASP.NET MVC DLLs into the Lib folder (Routing, Mvc, Abstractions)
  • Update your web.config using my working one for guidance (it worked for ASP.NET MVC CTP2 on Mono at least)

ASP.NET MVC running on Mono

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