Jul 17, 2008 / .net ~ osx
18s Video: OSX + XP + Spaces + .NET

I'm really starting to enjoy the Mac OSX + VMWare + Windows for .NET and Rails development.

This video shows some of the cool features that OSX Spaces + VMWare gives.

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  • Using keyboard shortcuts to slide different desktops in and out.
  • One desktop is OSX Leopard, the other Windows XP
  • Using Expose to allow mouse movement to trigger window selector, or dekstop selector
  • Dragging and dropping files between Windows and OSX
  • Did you notice I had 2 instances of *Visual Studio 2008*, 2 instances of *Microsoft Word 2007*, and *SQL Management studio* running on XP!?

All this on a 30" iMac 2.4Ghz with 4GB Ram. It's cool stuff :)

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