Jan 29, 2009 / .net ~ leeds
A shout out to Zolv.com - a company that delivers clever stuff!

Zolv Logo

Today was my last day working at Zolv in Leeds. It's been brill being there over the last nine months.

Olly Wenn (a.k.a "the boss") and I have been friends for many years. We share a passion for .NET development, agile techniques, cool gadgets and coffee.

Because he's a friend, I wanted to say a few nice words about him and the Zolv team.

Being at Zolv was a daily reminder of how we should care for our customers. Zolv obsess about doing the right thing for their clients. That sometimes means taking the difficult route, like fighting to get an opinion heard, or working crazy hours on a weekend to get the job done (or Christmas, gulp!). They really do care, and that's a rare quality.

If you need smart, pragmatic results for your next online project, give Zolv a call.

end of blogvertisement :-)

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