Jan 12, 2008 / software ~ rails ~ tools
Wow. NetBeans 6.0 for Ruby On Rails

I just downloaded NetBeans 6.0 for use with Ruby on Rails).

My first impression is WOW :)

The main reasons for this are:

  • The download/startup process was smooooooooth.
  • The first screen I see when launching the application looks beautiful.
  • I was able to run it with an existing project in minutes, without having to think. It just works.
  • The Subversion integration was right there, and worked straight out of the box.
  • I wanted to format my rails code because the tabs were too wide, and that just worked perfectly.
  • The code completion looks spot on.
  • The IDE seems mature, intuitive and non-offensive.

Congratulations to the NetBeans team, it's always nice to "feel" the love during a first-encounter with a tool.

Right now I'm running it on a 2.4Ghz 24" iMac at home, and it seems absolutely fine. I'm gonna give it a good trial over the next few weeks (I'm hot in the middle of a Rails project). Also, I'll be trying it on my 2-year-old Acer PC back at the office, we'll see how that works out!

Of course, I'll be posting my comments on the blog once I've used NetBeans for a few weeks.

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