Jan 15, 2008 / software ~ rails
MacBook Air In 2 Weeks

Well, there it is - the MacBook air was announced within the last hour at MacWorld. I was following the live blog at CNET!

What surprised me was that, as soon as I checked the Apple web site, the MacBook was all over the front cover. That means they must have put their site updates live minutes after the keynote finished! That's amazing marketing.

The new MacBook Air is apparently thin enough to fit inside a "business to business envelope". That's crazy. Here's the specs:

  • 0.76 inches thick (at thickes point, 0.16 inches thick at thinnest point)
  • 13.3 inch LCD backlit display
  • iSight web camera
  • full keyboard, also backlit
  • generous touchpad
  • touchpad also supports gestures like the iphone - (pinching to zoom etc)
  • 80GB Hard Disk
  • 2GB RAM
  • WiFi (802.11n)
  • Small power adapter
  • Bluetoothe and EDR
  • Weighs 3 lb
  • Shipments start within 2 weeks (29th Jan, so should be in the shops by mid Feb)

Nice :)

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