Oct 10, 2008 / git
10 reasons why GIT is cool

I've been using GIT for simple for my personal .NET projects for a few months now. Things I like are:

  • It doesn't leave droppings everywhere. Just a single .git folder at the the top of the source tree.
  • It's very very fast.
  • It can automatically figure our when a file has been renamed (no messing about with SVN rename..,).
  • It stays out of the way most of the time, you barely know it's there.
  • I only need to know a handful of commands for basic daily usage
  • I can still commit without having to have a internet/LAN connection to remote repositories.
  • I can host it very cheaply on Amazon S3 via JungleDisk, on a shared internet drive with NO need for a server process/daemon running.
  • I can commit locally quickly and regularly, and push changes to the remote server less frequently.
  • GitHub is awesome. And they have a free package.
  • It's well documented.

Now I really need to sit down and read a manual to get more from GIT, but these are all good things I'm happy with.

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