Oct 03, 2008 / nhibernate ~ .net ~ linq
NHibernate Deep Grok - 1 month later

NHibernate Deep Grok

NHibernate Deep Grok launched just under a month ago. Today, there are 200 NHiberntae specific resources covered, and google has found 21,700 documents in the index.

All in all, we've had just over 1600 searches. Cool!

The site still has loads of room for improvement. The biggest thing is making sure that all indexed documents are highly relevant, and that the results in Deep Grok are consistently better that those you get using regular google.

###Popular Topics The "popular topics" listed on the home page get a lot of clicks. The most popular being

  • LINQ
  • examples
  • getting started
  • nhibernate book
  • fluent
  • code generation

###Popular Searches

Outside of those pre-defined topics, these are quite popular.

  • inverse="true"
  • Automatic Transaction Management
  • value objects
  • cache
  • configuration

###Find yourself

Go and see if I have you in the index (just search for your name). If you don't find yourself, I'll happily add your blog or article to the index.

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