Feb 11, 2008 / software ~ .net ~ mvc ~ ajax
Component vendors unsure about ASP.NET MVC?

Does anyone know of any commercial component vendors planning to support ASP.NET MVC?

Phil Haack, the Microsoft Program Manager, said "Yes, for the CTP we don't have a story for control vendors. This is one of our highest priorities for the next milestone.".

I looked into a hand full of vendors, and found the following:

Infragistics, Jan 2008. In the forums they said they have no plans to share at this time.

ExtJs, Feb 2008. This came up on MVCContrib, looks like they may be planning something. Someone has posted their findings on using it too.

Telerik, Jan 2008. Telerik have played with getting their controls to work with MVC, but they don't have enough information from Microsoft to forge a definitive plan yet. So, it's still a big maybe

ComponentOne - No mention yet.

SyncFusion - Nothing concrete, they have enourmous respect for it, but hint at no support by saying that you can "get close to MVC" using Web Forms.

Gaia Ajax Widgets - No mention yet.

Looks like a gap in the market. If one of the vendors produced usable MVC solution right now, would it give them a foot-hold? Or just too risky?

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