May 07, 2008 / software ~ ajax ~ squilbo
What the $*#! is Squilbo?

I'm at it again. I can't help myself. Ever since my first job working as a lowly student Oracle SQL monkey for engage Mutual Assurance, I've wanted to build better SQL tools.

SqlBuddy was my first attempt. It's had over 317,000 downloads, and was a fun, useful OS project. Finding time to spend on OS projects became a luxury with bills, mortgage, ladies, beer and life in the way. So, Buddy didn't quite end up being what I wanted.

6 years later I've decided to try again. This time I'm going to do it better. This time it's called Squilbo.

I'm trying to apply the things I have learnt in the last 6 years. I'm getting real, or at least slightly. I'm trying to be RESTful, I'm trying to build simpler architectures with more leverage. I'm making use of Javascript and Ajax libraries. I'm trying to create a fluid, simple and useful tool for the everyday developer.

I hope you enjoy :)

PS: In case you're wondering, Squilbo isn't Open Source (yet), I'm working on that though...

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