Jun 18, 2008 / nhibernate ~ .net ~ writing
The Writing Station

It's 23:38, and tonight I'm working on "NHibernate in Action", Chapter 10. This is the last chapter :) But, there is lots of work ahead still...

Nhibernate in Action, Chapter 10

I've found that the editing task goes much smoother if I print out the chapters first, and work on them on paper. I think this is for a few reasons:

  • Working on paper means I can't get distracted by computer fun opportunities. Basically, my computer is like a huge carnival of interesting things, I find it difficult to focus when I'm hanging out there!

  • Working on a printed copy also forces a separation of tasks; the task of finding potential problem areas in the text is separated from the task of correcting them. I scan the printed document as one task, and then edit on screen as another task. If I were a multithreaded, I'd happily spawn off another process to start the editing task, but it's difficult to both at once whilst being productive.

NHibernate in Action - on My Desk

Oh, I mentioned that I find the computer a huge distraction fest. Earlier tonight, whilst "noodling", I found something cool. Check this out:

OSX Instruments

That's the freaking developers performance monitor that comes with OSX (from the Apple developer website). Like Perf Mon, It lets you monitor disk access, I/O, processor usage, memory access etc for the applications your developing. I'm a .NET dev, but tools like this really inspire me to look further into Mac development.

Best get back to that Chapter 10...

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