Jun 26, 2008 / nhibernate ~ persistence
Sad :-( Over 313 Votes of no confidence for ADO .NET Entity Framework

This makes me sad. So far over 313 people have given a vote of no confidence in the ADO .NET Entity Framework, and it's rising by the hour.

It's sad for two reasons:

  • It's a public kicking of someone's hard work. It probably wasn't meant to be that way, but that's how I see it. I feel for the development team.
  • Microsoft seem to have screwed EF up. If that's the case, developers will be led away from best practice, and a great opportunity to educate people has been missed.

I've not downloaded and studied the Entity Framework, so I wouldn't personally vote until I've made my own judgement.

On the plus side, if EF truly does fall short of the bar, then the problems might be addressed and we might all get the high quality tool we want, that encompasses best practice drawn from the last few decades of experience.

It's a shame it's taken this kind of stunt to raise the awareness, I just hope everyone gets their happy ending.

Looking forward to downloading EF and finding out for myself!

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