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NHibernate Deep Grok


08 Sep, 2008

As any subscribers to NHForge will know, I recently announced a new NHibernate resource - NHibernate Deep Grok.

NHibernate Deep Grok

It's a Google Custom Search dedicated to helping folks wanting to learn more about NHibernate.

The search index is limited to only highly relevant content, thus making it easier to find good NHibernate content.

This was a pet project of mine, I've always wanted to be able to search a bucket load of good NHibernate reference materials from one place. NHibernate Deep Grok is a solution to that need.

I'm also chatting with Fabio Maulo about moving it under the wing of NHForge, and then the NHibernate community champions can help in it's success.

Go check it out, and feel free to help the community and suggest any great NHibernate resources you know about!

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