Feb 08, 2009 / nhibernate
A little love for nhforge.org

NHForge Home Page

I've just started updating NHForge, which is the new home for the NHibernate community. It was something I've wanted to look at for a while, although the book has been eating much spare time.

So far we've got an updated home page, and a slightly tidier layout. I've also done a bit of wiki gardening :)

Putting a summary of what NHibernate is seemed like a good idea, and I've also added some links to the most useful resources (forums etc). The general look is slightly improved, although I'm not up for themeing Community Server right now :)

The sparkline is to draw attention to the fact that NHibernate is actively developed. It should update every hour and It summarizes 7 days of development activity.

Fabio Maulo and I are also discussing how to move nhforge.org forward. We realize it's not yet found it's full potential yet, but with the help of the NH community and developers we think we can get it there.

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