Feb 08, 2009 / nhibernate ~ sparklines
Sparklines for your favourite SVN repos

Here's some live sparklines of NHibernate related projects activity over 7 days. They're updated hourly.

Click the graphics for a summary

This all started when I decided I wanted a sparkline on nhforge.org to show recent SVN usage. Given that it's a quiet sunday, I decided to write some code to analyze an SVN repo and generate me a sparkline.

I wrote some code that runs on my server, generating a new javascript files every hour or so. It's not pretty, but does the job!

You call it like this (see the code comments)

ruby svn_analyze.rb [Project Name] [SVN public repo]

It then spits out a javascript file that you can include in any HTML page.

Porting it to c# should be easy for anyone who's interested.

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