Apr 09, 2009 / rake ~ .net ~ ruby
Rake and .NET: The Story Continues

It seems more and more folks are using Rake to automate .NET development tasks. This is great news, and I hope we'll soon see a community effort to make Rake even more valuable for the .NET developer.

Peter Mounce pointed me at his project, containing Rake tasks designed for .NET projects. Amongst other things, there are tasks to run NCover, XUnit and FXCop. It's certainly worth a look, and I'd be interested in helping develop it further.

Peter has also blogged about using Rake with .NET, and I regularly see a RakeFile.rb in James "Fluent NHibernate" Gregory's .NET projects.

Los Techies blogger, Derick Bailey, recently wrote about Rake and .NET. His post gives a nice overview, including pretty screen shots of how it works.

Finally, I've blogged about Rake with .NET a few times too.

Happy Raking.

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