Aug 12, 2009 / humour ~ misc ~ fun ~ music
Simplest User Interface Ever (humour)

I got a Boss ME-50 guitar pedal yesterday, and only just noticed this bold statement:

Boss ME-50 Packaging - Simplest User Interface Ever

That's right, this is the Simplest User Interface ever. It really is.

So, what makes this thing so simple?

Is might be the 127 text labels that decorate it's 30 GUI controls, comprising of 20 rotary controls, 4 foot pedals, 4 push buttons, an LED display and 4 tuning LEDS? Or perhaps the 20 pages of usage instructions in its 35 page A4 manual?

Boss ME-50 Unit

I bet any usability expert could have a field day with this. That said, I reckon that within about 2 hours of reading/experimenting I'll be roughly in control of this thing. It may not be a Debono-approved design, but I'm still looking forward to it ;)

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