Jul 20, 2010 / twitter
How To Use Twitter

My sister just asked me how she can learn about twitter. The best answer is Just use it. But, she appreciated my short instructions on Skype...

Marnie Harris George said:

how do u get twitter links up? can u direct me to a twitter education site u like? im looking online and not clear

Tobin Harris said:

Ok, to understand twitter you have to use it :)

Step 1 - Sign up.

Step 2 - Download TweetDeck

Step 3 - Setup searches for things like "dog training" and "dog kennels"

Step 4 - When you see the search shows someone who says interesting stuff, press the follow button

Step 4.5 - Also consider pressing the ReTweet button, to tell other people that you liked what the person said

Step 5 - Start tweeting interesting stuff yourself, like "Trying to find some good dog kennels software, XYZ is a bit complicated"

Step 6 - People start replying to you, and following you, because you're interesting

Step 7 - Within a few weeks/months, you will have hundreds of followers.

Step 8 - Every time you tweet something, hundreds of your followers will hear it and possibly re-tweet it. Suddenly you have marketing power for free.

Step 9 - Take over the world :)

Marnie Harris George said:

roflmao ! thanks bro !

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