Nov 13, 2008 /
Are you hiring .NET developers?


Thanks to those who phoned and emailed me.

One of the guys I was talking about has now got some work to see him well into next year.

The other guy is looking for Leeds city center based work starting next march.

I will also be looking for contract work too around Feb/March.

I have a few friends here in Yorkshire that are looking for contract work.

They're both enthusiastic, hard working and skilled .NET developers. And good blokes of course :) They're also both NHibernate savvy, and familiar with TDD, agile etc.

They're looking to work either remotely, or for companies in and around Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.

No agencies please, they'd rather build a relationship directly. If you know of anyone, then drop me an email, or a phone call on +44 7900 907146.

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