Jul 10, 2013 / iphone ~ photography
194m iPhone Photos on Flickr

There are over 194M photos taken with an iPhone on Flickr. In comparison, the popular Samsung Android phones have around 11M photos.

That's quite a staggering difference.

For stats... see the iPhone 5 on Flickr, and also the Galaxy S4 on Flickr here.

Both platforms are awesome

My sister is looking for a new smartphone with great photo and video capabilities. I was checking out how the leading Apple and Samsung phones compared.

iPhone 5 shots

Galaxy S4 shots

Both take amazing pictures in my opinion.

I also love that users are enhancing their photos with interesting effects. Apps like SnapSeed, Instagram, Flickr etc are making this easy. Too easy? Perhaps.

There are a lot of over-cooked photos on the web, but I think that these apps actively encourage people to keep taking pics, because they can get amazing results with little skill by applying some filters.

Here are a few more ramblings roughly on this topic:

Photographers are unusually quick to adopt the latest phone

It was also interesting to see the adoption of iPhone 5 climbing rapidly in the last year. Those Flickr users seem to upgrade quickly!

The Samsung Galaxy III adoption was equally fast over the Galaxy II.

I suspect photographers are a wealthy bunch who can afford to upgrade often :)

This doesn't fit what I'm seeing elsewhere. We have stats for all the apps we build at my company Pocketworks.

An example of an app that is used by a wide demographic in Leeds, UK.

So, Flick users are quick to adopt the latest and greatest in comparison the "regular" users I see. I wonder if Facebook will post similar stats anywhere...

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