Mar 04, 2011 / iphone
JetBrains market IDE to iPhone Devs

JetBrains have announced an IDE for iPhone & iPad devs. Exciting!

I've used JetBrains ReSharper from day 1, so I know they understand how to empower the developer with awesome refactoring and code-analysis tools. It's exciting to know they're now targeting that expertise at iOS developers.

Tim suggests that they might struggle to compete with Apples' XCode. This is true, XCode 4 is looking awesome. And many developers will want to taste iPhone development as it's "meant to be".

On that note, I bet XCode 4's new "Fix It" and "Assistant" are heavily inspired by similar features offered by JetBrains, which have proved incredibly popular over the last 10 years.

I wish JetBrains success in this venture, seriously.

They should be able to capture the interest of their loyal IntelliJ, ReSharper and RubyMine fans who are moving to iPhone development. They already have an audience. And, iOS has been thriving for a while now, so they don't have to get it perfect on day one; they'll have plenty of time to chip away at the market and win popularity.

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