Mar 27, 2011 / 3d ~ sketchup
3D Bedroom Redesign with Google Sketchup and Podium

Finished Model

As detailed the previous post, I've been playing with Google Sketchup for visualising small changes we want to make to the house.

Today's project was looking at our bedroom, since we want to create a small dressing area. Here's a few shots of the 3D models I put together for that.

This one took about 3-4 hours to do (I'm a beginner!), it's useful to see how things would look.

Early Stages

Outside of room structure

I created the room structure based on the floor-plans in the estate agents PDF, as with the previous blog post

Empty room in Sketchup

Empty room before any textures, doors, decoration etc

More textures added

Adding a floor texture, a door, and a lamp really picks things up. Note a few objects outside too

Final Result

I added in some ceiling lights and windows to match our existing room.

3D Bedroom

Room without the partition wall. Yup, we have just clothes hangers at the end!

3D Bedroom with Partition

With the partition wall

3D Bedroom looking out of window

Looking out of window

Looking in from outside

Looking in from outside

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