Jun 12, 2011 / photography ~ rangefinder ~ epson ~ r-d1
First Photos From the Epson R-D1

I've been keen to get a new camera for a few years now, something more "manual" that would force me to learn a bit more about photography and also which would encourage me focus on composition rather than anything else.

It's been tough saving any money whilst on startup salary, but I finally cobbled enough together to pick up a 2005 digital rangefinder - the Epson R-D1.


I'll post up my noob experiences with it, from the perspective of a complete novice. But first, some images from the first 24 hours of owning this camera.

Old Boots


Wall Light

Wall Light


Gate (B&W)

Hall Window

Hall WIndow


Hall Stairs

Hall Upstairs

Hall Upstairs

Light Switch

Bedroom Light Wwitch


Hall Window (color)

Clothes (B&W)

Clothes Rack

Looking Up!

Hall Ceiling

Clothes Rack

Clothes Rack Color

It's obviously early days for me and photography, but it has been a lot of FUN getting my head around manual ISO, aperture, focusing and handling RAW files.

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