Dec 15, 2008 / misc
Google pay Mozilla $60million a year!

According to this ZDNet article, Google pay Mozilla $60,000,000 per year to ensure Google is the No. 1 search engine in the browser.

I feel really naive to admit that I had no idea such large sums of cash were in play. That's a HUGE amount of dosh.

Can it be true?

I'm now wondering where Mozilla put this cash. I don't see any major marketing effort to soak up the money. Perhaps $1,000,000 on developer salaries, and then another $2,000,000 for team overheads, and maybe another $1,000,000 on legal fees, advisers etc. So where's the other $56 million going? Bearing in mind the browser isn't their only income stream.

P.S - I don't mean to sound unhappy about any of this, I'm just surprised!

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