Nov 11, 2009 / misc ~ geek
Captains Log - Twitter Style

Wow, I've not blogged for over 40 days. Is Twitter stealing my blogging thunder?

Regardless, thought I'd try a new format of blog post, which just summarises some random thought-streams in a series of Twitter-esq sentances. Here goes....

Finding new customers is hard, but ultimately a numbers game. You have to pick up the damn phone, and keep doing it!

Working with Manning on the Table of Contents for NHibernate in Action 2nd Edition. Finding it hard to find time for this whilst trying to build a client-base.

Launched a new version of It's better than the last one.

Loving selling the iPhone as part of our service offering. It's sooooo sexy.

I still waste hours building infrastructure code using ASP.NET MVC. Feels like there's about 20 missing abstractions in there.

Sh#rp Architecture is well thought out, but I fear it will scare the maintenance team we're handing the solution over to.

AutoMapper is fantastico for mapping DTO's. But, DTO's still smell.

Stateless is an attractive option for doing workflows in .NET.

I've earnt my place in history as the first guy to play the acoustic night at the Midnight Bell next to the Round Foundry Media Center

Building partnerships is hard because you have to protect everyone's interest, that takes some serious mental multi-processing :)

Ruby on Rails still makes me smile. There must be about 10 plugins a week appearing.

Why are so many companies interested in iPhone. Did the need for web development die whilst I wasn't looking?

Applied to ThoughtWorks for a job a month ago, but missed the deadline when sending in my Mars Lander. Doh!

Almost landed a Data Visualisation project that's a bit like research. It's weird how working out how to visualise data is fun!

I've just coded 2 contact forms for two different clients in 24 hours. One of them was worth about $1,000. I should start a company that just does contact-forms.

That's all folks.

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