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Want to be involved with yUML?

I've had a bit of a rest from yUML recently, but by no means has the project stalled. Whilst I've been focusing on earning cash to pay bills, it's been great to see a small ecosystem grow around yUML, and soon I'll be looking to spend time on the project again for phase 2.

Someone got in touch recently about getting commercially involved with yUML. Whilst I was responding, I thought I'd share my response where more people can see it. It would be great if anyone has any ideas or would consider getting involved with the project.

=== Email ===

Hi Mr X

Thanks for the enquiry and information.

About your question, yUML isn't actually making me any money right now. My plan was to build something cool, and then think of ways of getting it to cover it's own costs, or even generate an income.

I think the first part of the plan is working: yUML get's several tweets a day and all are very positive. It also serves 500-1000 visitors a day, which is great for such a niche product. All in all, the site is dishing up half a million requests a month, and 10's of thousands of UML diagrams! Analog report is here:

I plan to keep yUML alive and kicking although right now I'm focusing on paying bills. I'm very interested in hearing from people who could help me satisfy the second "money" part of the plan.

=== END ===

Would be nice to hear from people who've been-there-done-that. Anyone ready to share the challenge of forging a new direction for yUML?

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