Jun 26, 2010 / yuml
JSON definition for your yUML Diagrams

If you're writing a client for yUML like an iPad or Android app, then you want to be able to load up the original DSL for a diagram. This was not possible before, but now is.

For example, take this image http://yuml.me/5f5ed221

yUML Diagram

To ge the underlying info about that image, you can now load this file here.


digest: "5f5ed221"
customisations: "scruffy;"
mime: "image/png"
type: "usecase"
extension: "png"
file_only: false
dsl: "[Mobile User]-(Draw Diagrams{bg:green}), (Draw Diagrams)<(Edit Existing Diagram), (Draw Diagrams)>(View Gallery Items)"

The file contains the DSL text and a few other useful bits of information. This means that clients can create their own edit pages like the online one does.

Here's a sneaky hint at why we're doing this :)

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