Sep 28, 2008 / misc
Guerilla Home Recording

This weekend my good lady was out of town, so I thought I'd clock up some time in Garageband, rather than spending endless hours playing with .NET as usual.

I've been reading Guerilla Home Recording this week, and it's a great book. It lets me accept that I'm not a recording engineer, and that I don't have to spend £10,000 to get a half-decent sound. It got good tips on using the existing gear I have, and how I can leverage it to get a sound that's approaching professional.

After reading 3-4 chapters, I managed to get a better sound than before (although I still have a way to go!). I put down this cover of The Killers - Mr Brightside - MP3 in about 2 hours.

Now I Just need some singing lessons and practice and I'll be swapping .NET for hollywood ;-)

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