Feb 01, 2009 / misc ~ apple
The perfect lounge PC?

I took the plunge and put a Mac Mini and Bluetooth Apple Keyboard and Mighty Mouse in our lounge. I think they look pretty. It's all working without complaints too. Recommended.

Bluetoothe Keyboard and Mighty Mouse

At the same time I decommissioned 5 devices - our Tivo, DVD player, Freeview Box, IR blaster and XBox XBMC. I'm happy to have less "stuff" hanging around - a minimalist at heart :)

Mac Mini

For those that are interested, the setup I'm running is this:

Bluetoothe Keyboard and Mighty Mouse 2

eyeTV gives us Tivo-like recording capabilities. We're re-ripping the CD collection as Apple Lossless (about 25MB per file). It's all working well with the Sony 40V4000.

Mac Mini

Next year I might consider sprinkling a few Airport Exress units around the house to stream music to different rooms. If I win the lottery I may also pick up a few iPod touches as luxury remote controls for the system :)

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