Mar 26, 2009 / osx ~ misc
How Do You Organise Your Desktops/OSX Spaces?

I've been playing with spaces over the last few days, mainly because I often find myself drowning in app windows.

Here's how I have it organised at the moment. This is all on a single 24in monitor.

Tobins OSX Spaces

For those windows folks who don't a mac, this is OSX spaces. It's basically a stack of desktops that you can fast-switch between. I use Cmd-1, Cmd-2 keyboard shortcuts to switch to appropriate space. Or, just throw mouse up to top right of screen to zoom out for the overview of all 4 spaces (as shown above).

Ruby Development

  • TextMate
  • Console with 3-5 tabs for script/server, autotest, tail, and misc rake tasks.
  • Browser window for viewing app under development
  • Browser window for browsing online documentation


  • Gmail
  • Skype
  • Adium (MSD, Yahoo!, Facebook)

** Organisation **

  • iCal
  • Address Book
  • Basecamp / Lighthouse

.NET Development

  • VMWare Fusion running XP and...
  • Visual Studio
  • One or two browser windows
  • Reflector, Resharper, osql and other dev tools

How do you arrange your desktop, or use OSX spaces?

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