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yUML Scruffy Hand Drawn Look

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07 May, 2009

I thought it would be fun to have a scruffy hand drawn look for yUML diagrams, which I'm really fond of.

To get the scruffy look you'd just add /scruffy/ in the URL. Example:

<img src="http://yuml.me/diagram/scruffy/class/[Form{bg:orange}]+-*>[Control], [Form]++-0..1>[Border], [Form]-1>[Handle]" />

The benefit of this style is that it reminds people that diagrams are just for rough communication purposes, not a prescription of what WILL be built.

I've blogged about this a few times last year

In case you're interested, the neat version looks like this:

<img src="http://yuml.me/diagram/class/[Form{bg:orange}]+-*>[Control], [Form]++-0..1>[Border], [Form]-1>[Handle]" />

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yUML Scruffy Hand Drawn Look

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